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Thursday, 4 August 2011

La La La~ My Babies~

My fave one is missing..

This was the first cap that i bought with my own money!
Don't remember where i got it from though..
It must be at least 4/5years ago..

I think this one was from Alor Setar..
Around 3/4years back..

This one i know!
Pasar malam around 3years ago too..

This one is most probably '09..
I got it online..
The year i was crazy about WanChean :X
This is almost identical to the one she have..

The back part of hers is white whereas mine is black..

I got this online too..
This was was 2010..
From the same online shop..

I do not know why i got this fedora rofl..
I've never worn this before..

My fave cap that i left in TT's car!!
I miss you baby..
This was from mid 2010..

This 2 was last weekend..

I want more can?
My mom would most probably kill me if i get any
in the next year to come or so..
And i just did a blog post on my caps..
I should make one on my shoes wtf..

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