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Friday, 5 August 2011

These are the only shoes i have left..
The ones marked with red X have been thrown away..
The one with half a X i'm still wearing
but its only 70% alive lol..

The one on the left with orange shoelace is from B.U.M
which my mom help me buy from Kuantan..

The black and white shoe lace is B.U.M in 1Utama..
(the green one with X is also B.U.M)..

The black checkered slip-on is (fake) Vanz from Sg.Wang..
Initially i didnt know there's this brand..
I thought it was a pariah brand until a branch opened up in 1U..

The brown slip on is from 1U forgot the shop name,
The one opposite the jewelery shop wtf..

The red and pink one is from Playerz
from Sunway Pyramid..

The black & orange is from Bangkok!
My mom got it for me..

I actually love B.U.M shoes alot..
But its kinda expensive la..
Every pair i bought was at least RM80++ & above
after discount wtf..
So everytime i buy i get nagged by my mom..
But seriously though,
I need more shoes..
Just like how I need more caps..

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