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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tutti! New Cap!!

I think it might be a weekly thing..

Kept bothering my mom to go tutti lol..
Went to Tcm but no parking at all wtf..
So we went to the one in Ss2..
My dad is addicted..

Sunday went to Masjid Jamek (i think)
and Petaling Street..
Coz I left my cap in TT's car..
I was dying to either get my cap back or get new one wtf..
Had lunch there..
Then walked around..
Then went to Petaling Street to buy my cap!!

The one on top says C..
I wanted to get a red one but head too big no size haha fml..

Then went to Central Market to walk around,
then we had tea time @ Secret Recipe..
My mom loves the coffee..
The half eaten cake is not mine lol..

Bought this cute keychain watch thingy..
There's damn alot of design wtf..
If i wasn't broke i would've gotten 10 of if wtf..
Who wants who wants?
Who wants..
Leave me a message..

We got 5 of these voodoo dolls..
Different design though..
Me, my sis, and my 3cousins..
I got this because it reminds me of me and its orange in colour lol..

Same hair..

Stuff that i bought that day..
I spent more than 100 that day..
Bought a watch for my mom lol..

Stuff that we bought for our 3cousins..
Planning to buy and collect and give it to them at one shot..
My little Jessica loves to message me..

A stupid picture of me
I wanted to go out like this but in the end,
i fixed my hair lol..

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