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Friday, 9 September 2011


Proper update next week lol..
Need to transfer pics & stuff..
Mrs boss will be going overseas for 2 weeks..
Fml cant go back to Perak..
Plan ruined.....twice..
2nights ago, bro & I went for (after) dinner @
A&W Amcorp Mall..
The place looks ancient..
Even the people there was Lol..
When we were walking back I told him about
my friends' granmother who just passed away..
Then about what Hebe posted on Weibo
about her gramma passing away..
Then, we mentioned about our grandfather & uncle..
Got emotional..
Then force the tears to not come out wtf..
12/09/2011 will be exactly 2years since my grandfather passed away..
And its been 3years since my Uncle passed away..
Me and bro ended up watching Great Day (again)..
/wipes tears
kthnxbai beh tahan


William said...

Sometimes, it's good to cry.

SamL said...

yeah i guess so..
but it feel hard to bring myself to do so..