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Friday, 30 September 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Just got my connection back after 2 weeks..
So damn miserable without internet..
No fanfics, no gchat, no tumblr, no blog hopping..
Almost died lol..

September is ending..
Seriously man the time is passing by damn fast..
Cny is in like 3months?

Wake Me Up When September Ends
^ this song reminds me of someone..
Someone i used to like when i was in Form4..
5years ago walao eh..

How nice would it be if we can control our feelings..
Then we wont fall for the wrong person..

It would also be nice if we could all stay
innocent, naive like small children..
That would be really nice..

Watched High School Musical 1 the other day..
I remember the first time i watched it..
It was at QQ's house with my sis & ivy i think..
I wanna turn back time..
I think i was a happier kid back then when i was in high school..

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