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Monday, 24 October 2011

Bak Kut Teh!

Had fast food like 4days in a row..
Thurs had McD in Ss2 with parents & sis..
Fri had Kfc with sis coz parents was away..
Sat night had A&W root beer float with Qq..
Sun had Mcd for breakfast/lunch
coz no one was at home except for sis and me..
And she was too lazy to go out..

Drama happened @ A&W on saturday..
Stupid parents dunno how to take care of the kids..
I think there was a party or something
and those children were running around throwing balloons
screaming their heads off like its nobody's business..
Then there was a family with one child & one baby..
The balloon burst in front of the baby =__=||
The baby cried and the mom got pissed off..
They stopped playing for 30seconds..
After 30seconds 2 boys continued running around..
Wtf where are the guardians?
Ass too heavy, glued to the chair..
I was so damn annoyed coz they were hitting
one another with the balloons next to use =_=
Then i OI! at them and they ran off & stopped playing lol..
And the mother of the baby looks impressed hahaha..
/proud wtf

After that we went to Wings @ Puteri Puchong..
To meet up with Jackie..
And talk and stone and stare at our own phone wtf..
And also play with other people's kids LOL..
One is 10 another one is 6..
Qq asked the younger one what school is she studying at
she answers with "Bak Kut Teh"..
We started LOL-ing in her face hahaha..
It was freaking funny..

Sunday went to Secret Recipe with parents to chill..
Argued with parents bcoz we forgot where it is lol..
Almost kena bang by another car lol wtf..
Ok bai..

p/s : my cousin needs to learn how to not use caps lock..

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