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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Lol i still have pics from August that i wanna post..
But i shall do this post first since that bish is leaving me forever..
Stupid QQ is leaving me forever for a year more or less..

This stupid fella over here is going to Sg to work..
Now she say one year la..
Manatau she go there, meet someone and stay there..
I'll be #foreveralone fml..
I'm gonna be anti social until she comes back lol..

Stupid monkey..
I'll definitely miss her and her nonsense..
Well, our nonsense and our crap..
The random going out at random times..

The times when we annoy the crap outta one another lol..
Then act cute and berposing posing when taking pics..
When i do embarrassing stuff in time for her to
take pics/videos of then post it on facebook..
Fml betul la..

Ah yes shit like this lol..

Surprises like this..
Stupid fella always too smart to be tricked into stuff like this..

Acting like kids/retard/crazy people around one another..
Forever on drugs..
Whenever we're out we're always laughing our heads off
and trying to embarrass one another lol..
Intentionally or unintentionally..

She's leaving me forever from 4th onwards..
Obviously i'm going to miss her la..
And it'll be too embarrassing to say this to her face lol..
We're NOT affectionate with one another..
We, well her always hits me..
T__T Fml..
And i always push her head..
Oh well we're even trolloool..
Come back and do embarrassing stuff with me!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ok La I Need To Update More..

Today something historical happened!
My boss just came back from overseas yesterday
then he came in this morning and started nagging
over the mistake that my dumbass colleague did yesterday..
Then she started crying..
Luckily she wasnt bawling lol..
He was just telling her that she needs to speak louder
and stuff like that..
Wtf man..
I was secretly Lol-ing inside wtf..
Then he asked me to train her to speak louder..
He also said to bring her go sing k and
he added to bring my mrs boss along..
Then he said give him the receipt..
After that he said he's serious..
This will never happen lol..
Also i have a tonne of photo to upload..
Dating from August..
Too lazy..

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Watch it
Do NOT i repeat DO NOT reupload anywhere else..


Hey Yoobin,

- gifs cr to owner/as tagged