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Friday, 9 December 2011

So ok i am blogging for August lol..

August was my shittiest month in the whole of 2011..
Like seriously damn shitty lol..
I think thats the month me and my sis have bad diarrhea..

^ THIS happened when i tried to cut the skin
that was coming out (cuticle i think?)
I dont even know why it started bleeding Fml..

Then i burnt myself..
Dont remember how i got it though..
Oh i think i burnt myself with the over..

Having dinner and drinking 100+..
Then this thing flew inside..
(no la actually i accidentally dropped it when i was looking at it)

From L-R It says
"Jangan taruh makanan. Dont give think for eat"
"Tidak boleh cuci tangan. Dont wash your hand"
"Bahaya. Denger"
From this borong place called NSK..
We went to roam there for half hour before heading to Tesco..
Coz Tesco is better than NSK lol..

My relatives came down from Alor Setar & Johor..
For shopping . . . -_-||
This is my precious my baby lol..
The one who texts me to ask me to buy Anger Bird for her..

This one aspires to be a singer..
I dont think she'll succeed though..

LOL @ their faces..
If i post this on fb they'll kill me..

This is my nephew..
He's turning 2 next april..
His mom is my dad' sis' eldest daughter..

He's a momma' boy..
[We went to pasar malam last night & his mom was trying to eat,
so she asked me to carry him to go buy stuff to distract him..
Then he starts crying (like fark wtf)..
All the way to the stall and back..
And he keeps going mommy mommy mommy wtf..
Until there are things that distract him then he stops for awhile..
5seconds later he continues going mommy wtf]

Flashing them with the camera Lol..
While they were asleep wtf..

Otw to Times Square..
In the monorail, they were sitting on the chair..
While i was sitting on the floor Lol..

Times Square archery area..

Cousin brother in law (father to my nephew) & Uncle..

My dad!!

Cant remember which is whose lol..
But apparently me and my dad did quite good..
I know i am good at this LOOOOL..

Btw there's this REALLY COOL game @ the new 1U arcade..
Who wanna join me?
And this marks the end of August photos Lol..

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