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Thursday, 12 January 2012

First in 2012

Cny is in like 10days!!!!

MyAstro - 开心过年
I love this song..

Wonder Girls - The Dj Is Mine ft School Gyrls..
There's a version with Wonder Girls only
on itunes..

Oh on Dec27th,
Went to Sunway with Karmen, Vh, Mandy & her bf..
Had lunch @ Pasta Zanmai..
Walked around..
Had Chatime & waffles lol..
Met Ivy later that day..
Walked most of Sunway but didnt buy anything..

Next day went to Pavillion with Karmen & Vh..
Had lunch @ Nando's..
My first time lol..
Walked walked walked..
Even went to Sephora & Fahrenheit 88..
We walked the whole area &
finally Karmen got her erm wedges lol..

Opps forgot to tilt photo..
Got this thing @ Kj Giant for Rm1..
I am so damn good at this hahaha..

Some thai snack..
Forgot what leaf is that -_-||
There's ginger,onion,peanut,fried coconut,
dried shrimp,lime & some sweet sauce..
Oh and chili padi..
Its so damn freaking addicting wtf..

My sister fell on tuesday near her office..
I can never solve the mystery of how she fell..
Her whole damn leg is swollen like mi ku ( 面龟)..
Hahaha wtf..

My brand new boxers..
I went & bought 6 pairs of new boxers when
I still have 2 from last year -___-||
I think I am kind of a shopaholic hahaha..

OH I almost forgot..
Leo & TT & my cousin sis & family
had a random & sudden bbq on 31st Dec..
It was fun!!
TT wore my boxers for over a year hahaha..
Then she jumped on my back for a piggyback ride
then she smack my lips with her phone fml..

I cant wait to go back to my hometown for Cny..

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