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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I am just so bored these days..
And also lazy..
Last night when i went to tapao dinner with my mom
i asked her why do humans need to eat Lol..
Then later that night i was feeling hungry..
I was rolled on the sofa/floor for about 45mins
before i decided to do something about it wtf..

before Cny my family received 3Cny cards
from the same cousin Lol..

This is from the cousin i sayang the most..

This is from the sister..

The little sticker one the left says "Me Sam" Wtf..
And the bottom right is
"Eat more more like a pig haha.."

The most decent pic from all that we took that night haha..
Ya allah kenapalah kami begitu?
Kenapa kami begitu weird wtf..

We bought glass-less specs wtf from the pasar malam there..
I also bought one (1, satu) kg of pistachio wtf..
Haven't finish eating and i got bored..
Oh during house visiting in Kl
i met my erm great grand aunt & grand uncle lol..
My grand uncle is younger than my dad..
If i were to explain what is our relation i cant..
I think its my granmothers' mom's sister' err ok i give up..
I've only met them 2 or 3 times..
Chinese tsk tsk tsk..
I hope this dont happen to my cousins & i..
Old people say relations like this can only last
for 3generations..
*le gasp*

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