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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Why do i feel so damn bored recently..
I need help Lol..

On the way back from Perak during Cny..
Found out the place we usually stop for dimsum
is call "Kunci Air Buang" wtf..

The brown one (Jaymie) is a 4month old
puppy when the pic was taken..
The same puppy from here..
The right one (Jacky) has been with us for more than 10years..
Jaymie was given to my aunt because we have no place for her T__T
My mom said that my dad teared when he gave her away wtf..
My dad was the one who took care of her coz my bro
who wants the dog is irresponsible..

So cute!
Who drew this?

Nose bleed like crazy since Cny..
Stopped after we came back to Kl for like 2weeks wtf..
Wonder how much blood did i lost..

Didn't know the insides of my bottle was so filthy..
Its amazing how i am still alive wtf..
Don't even know how the bottle manage to be so yucky..
I wash it like every other day wtf..

Also my parents have been going back to Kedah so
damn frequently wtf..
I think since Cny til now they went back for like
the 4th time already..
How can they just dump their children at home..