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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Long Lost Cousin

See the guy in front?
He's my long lost cousin..
It was my first time meeting him..
Long story la ok..
I think they lost contact since like 35years ago wtf..
That was like 13 years before i was born lol..

This is my nephew..
He's extremely cute & adorable..
But when he throws tantrum / cry
I wanna drown him wtf lol jk..
I think his mom spoils him..
Tsk tsk tsk..

My (not so) little cousin came down for a short visit..
We have the same ugly smile wtf..

Oh who is this cute baby hahaha..
Syok sendiri..
No wonder i like Elvis so much..
He's so charming & good looking..
And his voice & his songs are just so *swoon*..

I think i look more like a boy wtf..
I accuse my mom of buying guy clothes for me
because she wanted a boy more than a girl..

I've only updated the blog 8times this year..

Friday, 13 April 2012

Does This Look Wrong?

Taken @ Lrt it was either Asia Jaya or Taman Jaya..
The one near Amcorp Mall..
My bro and i think it looks wrong haha..
Maybe its just us..

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dibuang Again

My parents went away again..
This time, to Johor..
They went last friday night..
Coming back today..
Seriously FML..

Last month i kept making sandwiches to eat..
Like almost every single day wtf..
I wonder eating junk food is worse
or eating sandwich is worse..

This Lee Yuan Tea House in Ss2
have really nice soup..
I mean how many place you can find that serves soup
that makes you feel like its home cooked..

Look at number 705..

In case if you cant see,
its written there "Taiwaness" instead of Taiwanese..

Last month my office computer went crazy..
It was like that for the whole day until the
computer guy came over to fix it..
Something was wrong with the software or something..

Last month QQ came back!
This was for TT coz erm her dog died..
Then we wanted to cheer her up + her bday was near..
So we decided to surprise her..
Before that we were contemplating if we should wtf..
In the end we did!!

Parents dumped us last month so sis & i made spaghetti..
And yes that is spaghetti sauce with rice..
Because i am typical chinese..
No rice = dai (die)..

From my Johor cousins..
Left is for my sis, centre me, right bro..

This is my mouse..
I think its because of the excess clicking when i was voting..