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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Long Lost Cousin

See the guy in front?
He's my long lost cousin..
It was my first time meeting him..
Long story la ok..
I think they lost contact since like 35years ago wtf..
That was like 13 years before i was born lol..

This is my nephew..
He's extremely cute & adorable..
But when he throws tantrum / cry
I wanna drown him wtf lol jk..
I think his mom spoils him..
Tsk tsk tsk..

My (not so) little cousin came down for a short visit..
We have the same ugly smile wtf..

Oh who is this cute baby hahaha..
Syok sendiri..
No wonder i like Elvis so much..
He's so charming & good looking..
And his voice & his songs are just so *swoon*..

I think i look more like a boy wtf..
I accuse my mom of buying guy clothes for me
because she wanted a boy more than a girl..

I've only updated the blog 8times this year..

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