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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Photo Diarrhea Again Wtf

Went to A&W (after dinner -_-) with lil bro coz you know,
we're monsters like that..
Been forever since i've seen one of these..
Apparently a bunch of adults was having birthday party lol..
Dinner at TCM..
Sis was too far away & dad went and eat other food lol wtf..
No electricity for like 5hours..
All this stupid TNB ppl fooling around..
Plus they didn't have torchlight / ladder, they had to loan from us..
One dude called my dad (who was @ Johor) and said
he was shouting for us but no one went out..
Fucking liar they didnt even call for anyone..
That cb in blue even use the scissors to cut my dad's plant..
Another fucker was smoking in my house compound..
Seriously these ppl have no manners..

11a.m Still 3p.m
WOW! Wtf..

Doggy style mag :X
It teaches you how to do the doggy style lol..

Otw to 1U, i was driving..

This brand of wax sucks big time..

The amount of hair products i currently have..
My fave would always be the red Gatsby..


Got cheated Rm19 for this deck of cards LOL
(Oh YooMin)

 Still considering if i should hang the keychain lol..
I'm worried that it will be lost or stolen haha..
kthnxbai wtf

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