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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things I Do When I Fangirl

ME :

  • smile until jaw feels like breaking 
  • make seizure-like body movements 
  • make random hand gestures 
  • if alone, scream loudly 
  • if not alone, scream internally  ✔ 
  • if doesn’t care, scream anyway 
  • run around the house then back  
  • weep 
  • weep but don’t let tears fall 
  • make some ugly noises that are actually supposed to sound happy 
  • hug something 
  • claw something  ✔ 
  • pull hair 
  • sigh 
  • try saying something but turns out incoherent no matter what 
  • just shake head if unsure of what to exactly do 


cr : tumblr (cant find source)

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