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Friday, 15 June 2012

What Do You Call Random In Bahasa?

My current favourite cap..

My caps..

Me about a month ago..

Ss2 mall the stupid parking tore off the bumper..

Inspired by Lady Gaga lol..

 Look at that cute Domokun hanging at the back lol..
I thinks its hitching a ride hahaha..
 This, Ladies and Gentleman,
is my fucktarded colleague whose brain even even smaller than
a sesame seed wtf..
She has no common sense, doesn't know how to use the computer..
Likes to talk back..
Don't understand human language..
Lives to make other ppls life miserable..
Almost all contractors complain about her..
I have no idea why mrs boss hired her..

I think i lost most of my sense of humour wtf..
Especially today..
I have no idea why i am feeling so damn bored today..
And extremely sleepy..
Also recently i feel damn dry LOL..

Oh I've started playing volleyball again..
Not serious playing la..
But just digging only..
2 person..

Ah I have so many photos and things to blog about lol..
But i keep procrastinating until i forget about it..
Why am i like this?