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Monday, 6 August 2012

Karma Reborn (肉骨茶) - Sucks

Remember back in March 2011,
I blogged about a shitty Malaysian movie - The Dvd..
Well i cant decide which is shittier..
At least The Dvd had a "moral" to it..
Karma Reborn was just completely shitty..

"Classification: 18
Genre: Thriller / Horror / Suspense General
Release Date: 26 Jul 2012
Running Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Distributor: Renbash Entertainment
Cast: Susan Leong, Rabbit Chen, Eric Chen, Mak Jah, Alice Yap
Director: M. Subash Abdullah"

In my opinion,
Classification:  - No One Should Watch This
Genre: -SHITTY
Release Date: NEVER
Distributor: Renbash Entertainment
Cast: Stupid people who agreed to act in this show
Director: Should be whipped/caned

Imagine this, 
13 people including me & lil bro watched the movie..
2person left in less than 10minutes..
From the first scene, i started regretting..
All lil bros' fault man..
He wanted to watch it..
Should've guessed it was Malaysian show
because of the stupid title..
Bak Kut Teh
When we saw a Saga, 
we were like "SHIT Malaysian show!"

Read the review on this shit movie here 
Extract :
1) What I loved most :nothing
What I really hated :every single second of the movie

2) This is a poorly made film

3) Why are we seeing the uncle chopping chicken for 15mins? 

4) What’s the deal with the bomoh with an ugly mask
 being shown in snippets throughout the film?

5)  Is there such thing as a modern multi storey car park
 next to a kampong within walking distance?

6)  If the sister knows the father is coming towards her sloooowly to chop her,
why is she just lying on the ground screaming?

7)  The movie poster shows a female ghost, or a possessed lady. 
So in which part of the film shows this female ghost / possessed lady?

The ONLY thing about this show 
that is better than The Dvd was the acting..
Other than that the whole show was shit..
Shitty director, shitty script, shitty sound effect..
 The movie was so bad the audience of 11 people laughed at it..
Once the show ended everyone ran off wtf..

Conclusion is the Director, Script Writer, Editor,
Person who did the sound effect, & Producer
should all be whipped!

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