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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Wow another year has passed..
Time flies lol..
Cant even remember 95% of the things that happened in 2012..
I havent blogged a proper post since forever ugh..
Took pictures and stuff but too lazy to even post..

Spent most of Dec to hang out with family..
Especially on the last week since i have leaves to clear..
And those public holidays..
Did a small bbq on 24th since 25th is a public holiday..
Ran around with parents buying stuff lol..
It was fun..
x )
And for the rest of the days i have off,
i just laze at home lol..

Cant wait for CNY..
Even though i have not done my shopping..
I need new everything lol..

New year, new resolution?
1) Chew my food properly before swallowing..
2) Sleep earlier
3) Less caffeine / sugar
4) Drink more water
5) Pee on time lol as in whenever i need to & not hold it in
6) Save money wtf
7) Jot down my 2013 experiences wtf

Thats all for now wtf

1 comment:

Anita Hripkova said...

I agree with you, time flies quickly and irrevocably. And more quickly howled to remember what was, and sometimes help the old blog posts.:-)