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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Foooooood & What Not

These photos were taken in Alor Setar
when we went back for CNY..

Some roti thingy...
Its roti canai with egg on top with parappu & sambal..

Pak Chot Mee Rebus..

Laksa Utara..
The only kind of laksa i like..

The telekom tower near the pasar..
Been going to the pasar since i was a kid..
But idk whats the name haha..
Teluk Wan Jah or something like that..
Taken at like 7am..

This was taken at night when we went to
Lot7 for dinner..
I dont know the name of the restaurant coz 
since i was a kid its "kia ki lot 7 jiak"
(lets eat at lot 7)..
 Mee Kolok!
Look at the name of this shop..
Young Cock..
Sounds like the kind of place where you get your
escort service or gigolos looool..

 Our reunion lunch lol..
We set up like 4 tables..
And that was not everyone haha..

During one of the more normal night,
when we were chit chatting & joking around i spotted
my sis & aunt playing congkak on a makeshift box lol..
The box for mandarin orange & the buah congkak are the
groundnuts that we were munching one lol wtf..

Mashimaro lol..
Bought a pair of these..
One for me & the other one is for my cousin..
Everyone said it looks like me wtf..

 What do you call this monkey doll thing lol..
That belongs to my cousins..
My other cousin gave me that dog in the center..
( Too many cousins wtf )
Just met them again like 2weeks ago & I'm already missing them..

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