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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I'm BACK! Morco Cafe, Brotz @ Sunway Review!

Revived myself from the grave just to post this!

MORCO COFFEE Review @ Sunway (Same row as Burger Lab)
Two Words : FUCKING HORRIBLE. Probably the shittiest cafe i've ever visited! So last night my 2 other friends & I came here for dinner, when the cashier took our order we had to repeat it three-four times AND HE STILL DIDN'T GET IT. 

(Our order was  1 long black + beef aglio, 1mac & cheese + lemongrass fizz,
1bolognese chicken chop+earl grey) 

Once we sat down the aglio came & we thought "Not bad the service is quite fast" then the earl grey came but 15mins later they tried to serve us another plate of aglio so we told the server its here already then they went to another girl who obviously arrived before us then the girl rejected the beef aglio i gues they probably gave her chicken aglio to us & tried to serve her beef aglio.

Another 10minutes passed & nothing else has been served so we asked them to check on our drinks and the waiter started giggling at us then he said 'oh we actually ran out of lemongrass and its his first day here, heheheheheh so, can you order other things?" WTF you were giggling there with the other servers but you didnt come over to tell us that you ran out until we asked you?
Then we tried to change the lemongrass to lemonade "oh we ran out" so we changed the drink to tea which costs lower than the lemongrass, the served the tea & didnt give us the refund, and didnt mention the refund until my friend got pissed and said "Can we have our refunds???" only they said "oh we're working on it"

After another 5mins we saw them holding another plate of pasta walking around ( there were only like 3-4tables that were occupied) one guy came over and ask if our orders are all out yet SERIOUSLY??
He double check our orders and served us that plate of pasta & kept using the "its his first day here" as an excuse. Finally they came over & tell us "actually we dont have mac & cheese"

They apologized and they kept saying its his first day here then they told us to order other things, so we just tell them to cancel and give us the refund, then they informed us "Actually we didn't even took mac and cheese order its not in the receipt & its not in the menu".
What the actual fuck? You cashier took our order & did not mention that the mac & cheese was not available AND that item is in the menu above your cash register.

They actually tried to appease us by saying "Oh we've actually cooked beef aglio olio. you want?"
Obviously we told them no because you cooked wrongly and you wanna offer it to us???? They kept repeating its his first day here. Like dude seriously its his first day here and your boss let him man the cash register? ALONE? With no one to guide him? You don't give him training first????

HORRIBLE service aside, their food tastes bland, the aglio doesnt taste or look like aglio, the bolognese only tasted sour. NEVER coming back here even if i was paid to come back!

Brotz N.19 Bakery & Cafe Sunway
So after that shitty experience we decided to hop over to Brotz which is like 2-3shops away. The experience is totally different. Before we went in the waiter came out and greeted us already.
They were so friendly & pretty attentive. One of the girl looks pretty new so when she was taking our orders one of the more senior guy was standing nearby and see if she is taking our orders correctly.

When we asked them questions they actually check and get back to us immediately! We sat there and chit-chat until their closing time. Even the way they inform us that they're closing is super polite!

I noticed that 2 guys came in at around 1030 so their kitchen is probably closed already but they just tell they guys its ok we will take your order. Wah seriously not bad eh. 

p/s : I just remembered at Morco their back door / corridor near the toilet was blocked with their old furnitures and a huge ass white board. Wtf totally fire hazard please.